The 2nd of Try Out Exam. Gambarou!


Yosh….. the 2nd try out is going to come, so I have to study much hard than before. Well, you can say it’ll double hard. Why? Because in this exam test, it is from Provence. And all school in east java, Indonesia, will be held try out exam like me. Well, it’s more cool to practice for the real national exam.

Tokoro de, I already decide for my future, I mean, well y’know next year I’ll be college student. Wow, I hope so and it’s more fantastic. And do you know what will I choose?

Teacher gimme 2 choice of college and department.

  1. ITS – PENS
    • IT (Informatics Technology)
    • MMB (Multimedia Broadcasting)
  2. UNESA
    • Japanese Education
    • English Education

Well…. I love them all. Although, I still have another one. But, it is already enough for me until now.

Okay, we’ll talk later. Need to study for tomorrow. Indonesian time for next…. NO WAY >.< I’m really bad on that subject. Y’know, it’s really hard than English. Although, it’ my language. But, Indonesia literature is the most hard as I know… hontou!


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