Music Is Egoistic – Confuse Continuing This Story :(


My another story in English, Music is Egoistic. Well, the real I have it before in Indonesia. But maybe the contain is little different. The tittle of Indonesia version is ‘Mata Dibalik Awan’ (In English: Eyes Behind The Cloud). I think you’ll say The tittle is really out of topic or something strange?

Actually, I wanted this story became a fantasy music story. Y’know, like the main character, a girl, Yukiko has a supernatural things about her lyric. Ya like, the lyric would tell us about the future. Or Akira who really skilled at drawing and it could tell us about future with his bad talking, I mean he is really a cold-hearted boy. And Kyouhei? I don’t know his character though -_- But I wanted he could be her savior and always told her any nice quote or good words, or at least she felt nice and warm.

But at least, it become like this and until now >.<

My friend, Kiyo Tsubame, told me that I was forbidden to add fantasy or supernatural things in this story. And she allowed me to make it to be triangle love story. Argh >.< Really, I didn’t plan to add a triangle love story. But, here it is -_-

I think this story will be go so longer than Devil of Angel or Angel’s Devil. Ya, Yukiko have to remember all her memory. After then, Yukiko, Akira, and Kyouhei will continue their dreams. But the real, I don’t know what they will be. I mean, will they make a band or just like boyband or girlband like trendy recently? I don’t know either -.-

I hope you all can help me out. I’m really don’t know about it. Please…


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