My Friend, Kiyo Was Getting Merried


Huwa… congcratz ya, Kiyo-chii…. I don’t know what I could say to you but only congcratz ^^ And sadly, I only gave her a silver pendant with her initinal real name, P. Really, the pendant was so adorable. I wanted to buy one for me also. But, there didn’t have for my initinal real name T^T

And the bad surprise is, she didn’t want to be gotten her picture with her husband. Aw! Well, she is really hate about camera recently. I don’t know what has happen to her. Because long ago, she was really loving camera, and always me, to get her picture >.<

Rina chan, Miyu san, Sila chan, Ikan san, and Selly chii, didn’t come to Kiyo’s merrying party. Well, they had another plan and really busy about getting into uni.

But it is okay. Because I met many odd girls (Kiyo’s another friends). And Why do I call them odd? Because they were really funny with making much joking things. Haha…

Ok, I think it’s enough. Because I couldn’t get any picture there. So, again, I only want to say ‘Congcratulation, Kiyo chii’ ^^


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  1. ahhh, why is ur friend so camera shy… she should get captured in camera because memories are always adorable.. 🙂

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