Star of Dreamland – My New Cellphone Novel


After I deleted my previous cellphone novel, Dreamland, that because I forget the story plot, I made a new one, STAR OF DREAMLAND. Well, maybe the ‘DREAMLAND’ always in my mind. And I love it ^^ Beside, I just releaze that the tittle od dreamland, it has already on manga, I mean the tittle. So, that’s number 2 of the reason why I deleted that ^^

And in this story, I keep with romance genre. But, maybe little different than the previous. Because it was about the main character just fell in love for the first meeting. But in this new story, I made ‘star of dreamland’ to be so much different >.<

Well, let check the jacket copy of STAR OF DREAMLAND:

After the flames ate my family, I’v became a cold-hearted girl since then. Until that boy came, renewing my life again and say that I’m his lover? Could he make a new leaf into my heart once more?

The main character name is Aleda. Her family have died on the fire. Only her who saved. After that, her grandma adopted her. With a new life and a new emotion. Ya, there has been not any cheerish or a smile on her face. She has became a cold-hearted girl since that accident.

7 years has passed too fast. And her class got a new student. he is boy, handsome. Every girl sure would fall in love to him. His name is Alan. And unfortunately, his is her finance.

It seemed that he didn’t know about a big accident has cursed her to be an another girl or he only didn’t want to mention about that? But his personal was really so much different than Aleda.

Easy going, attractive, always smile, and always bother Aledia. Those all were his personal.

Aledia? She is a silent type girl, cold-hearted, no smile.

But the same personal between them both are, Aledia was beautiful, Alan was handsome.

And from that day on, could Alan change Aledia to be her old personal? Or could he make a new leaf on her?

Don’t forget to read ya >.<


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  1. Wow! I started reading the 1st chapter, it’s pretty good! ^^
    Oh my gosh, your gravatar is RIN!!!! 😀 😀 😀 >.<
    Sorry, I saw your comment on another bloggy and I was like, OMG IT'S RIN!!! XD
    Do you like Bleach, too? 😀 (sorry, I read your Chatango thingy. ^^" )

    • @Lily: Really? Thank’s, I’m glad you like it ^^
      Ya, I love those both kagamine twin sister-brother. But it’s cute >.<
      Bleach, ya. I used to like it 🙂

      • Yes! 🙂
        They are so cute together! :3
        Are you currently watching any anime shows now? I’m trying to make my internet get faster so I can finish up Mirai Nikki! I heard Hunter x Hunter or something like that is pretty good. 😀

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