Unconnected – A Vampire Story


After my long dissapear, I make a new story in English. And I gave it a title, ‘Unconnected’.

Jacket Copy (Genre: Romance – High Fantasy)
Everyone need love, vampire also. They need ‘love’ for blood. But, the real case is I don’t know if I’m a vampire but I was born from human. So, what did happen to me?

Unconnect, it means ‘not joining together’. But, why did I choose the main character as a ‘vampire’?

Because I want to ๐Ÿ˜› Beside this story is a vampire that wasn’t born from vampire blood, but human blood ๐Ÿ™‚

In this my new story that I began to write on June 11th, 2012, I tried with a new genre story. Ya, it’s about vampire story and a tragedy. Well, I got this inspiration from Twilight series. But, it’s just a different away. Because the main character is a vampire, but she was born from human blood. Well, you better take a look on this prologue I made.

Do you know what the real love means?
Do you know what the meaning of sacrifial love is?
Do you know why some human do love affair?
Do you know everything about any kind of love?

For me, the real love is only a toy
For me, sacrificial love is only a game
For me, affair love is a good taste
For me, there are much kind of love that no body know the perfect and all.

And for vampire, love only exist on the lust of blood.

Ya, my real love is only blood.
I do sacrifial love is only for blood.
Never mind that it will be an affair, if I can get more blood.
Everything I do, what I have to take, as long as it is for blood.

But I never knew that I was a vampire
I didn’t know that blood is more delicious than tomato juice that mother made for me.
Because I was born from human blood.

I don’t know how can I be born from human blood?
Because I am not human, I am VAMPIRE.
My mother is a human, and so is my father.
So, who am I?
Was I really born from mother and father?
“You are twin. Look, your face is same as your twin, right?”
That is, they always say to me.
So, do I have a connection with them? Or not?

How? Want to know more about this story? ๐Ÿ™‚

Madoka is an ordinary girl that just turned into 17th with her twin, Makoto. Their face are same, except their temparature body and skin color. Madoka skin color is pale white and it is cold also. Different from Makoto. She is warm and yellowish white. Madoka is older than Makoto. They have a big sister also, Ayame. She is 3 years old than the twin sister.

Recently, Madoka felt strange, like someone has been following her – everywhere – everyday – every minute. But Madoka just ignored it. And thinking that maybe he was her secret admirer.

Their birthday came. Everything normal, like got many gifts, sang a birthday song, cut a birthday cake, and more. But when the party finished and she went back to her room, she found another present that lied on her bed. The gift was wrapped by a black paper. And on the top, it was written by red pen and her name appeared “Madoka Hawkins”

She opened that, but only a small bottle that contained red liquid and another letter.

Drink it if you don’t want your family in danger

Wow, what does it mean? What’s the red liquid in the small bottle? And why will her family in danger if she doesn’t want to drink it?

Wanna know? Read more this story at http://bit.ly/unconnected

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