My nick is Cikita. I’m just an ordinary girl that love anime, observing my round, you can say I love rounding around so much~ Hehe~ Currently I’m learning Chinese in one of campus at Surabaya, Indonesia. Started learning Chinese around middle of September 2012 😀

And so… I live at Indonesia. I love YUI-sama, Hey! Say! JUMP (special for Yamada Ryousuke, Chinen Yuri, Keito Okamoto and Yuto Nakajima. Well, love them all, but more I love is just those 3 boys. And the most I love is Chinen Yuri :p They are cute, good voice, and multi talent).

If you want to know more about me, follow my twitter or add my ym or skype. Don’t forget to mention back, so I can follow back your twitter account 🙂 And I always on my ym. Barely on my skype because my connection here so bad. But nevermind if it is just chat. We can be a good friend 🙂

My another social features:

  • Twitter: @cikitachan
  • Yahoo! Messanger: daus_cantik
  • Skype: cikita542

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